Thank you Ōrākei!

A word from Cameron Brewer

Publish Date : 24 Mar 2016

As you may have read, I’ve decided to step down as the councillor for Ōrākei at the local body elections in October.

I’ve had a wonderful six years. Thank you for stopping me in the street, inviting me into your homes, and contacting me for help, or to give feedback.

My wife Kate is having another baby in July and recently we moved from Meadowbank to a bigger property out in Riverhead, knowing my days representing the eastern suburbs were coming to an end.

I’ve also got a public relations consultancy, and at 43 I now want to focus more time on growing my business credentials.

It has been a lot of fun, and at times a real challenge. I’ve tried to represent the wider community’s views as best I can. What’s more given my 20-year association with politics, I suspect I’ll pop up again somewhere. In the meantime please keep me on my toes by emailing me on

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