Central Library a warm escape for the homeless

Last Updated : 29 Apr 2016
Central Library a warm escape for the homeless
Michael - Club member and avid book lover

For Auckland’s homeless, the comfort and warmth of the Auckland Central Library is a far stretch from the social isolation of the city streets – especially behind the pages of a good book.

With the homeless population on the rise Auckland Central Libraries Homeless Book Club is a welcome refuge for this community.

Around 15 regulars show up to the book club each Wednesday where they share ideas and opinions, or just have a chat.

Their varying interests make for rich conversation from politics and Te Reo Māori to Oscar winners.

TV3’s Story joined one of the sessions – watch their story.

But this isn’t the only club available to the homeless – a movie club meets every Monday for a cup of tea, biscuit and a film.

Book Club: Every Wednesday
Movie Club: Every Monday, 10am

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