Numbers of E-bike commuters surge across Auckland

Last Updated : 15 Apr 2016
E-bike numbers up across Auckland
Chris Boys says after one week trialling his E-bike, he was hooked.

Chris Boys is one of a growing number of people who has switched to riding an E-bike to get to work. The Pt Chevalier resident has contributed to a 33 per cent increase in people cycling on Grafton Gully in March compared to March 2015.  

Hooked after a week

Chris says that after one week trialling his E-bike, he was hooked.

“My motorway commute could take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half each way, so I decided to test other forms of transport.”

He rides from Pt Chevalier to Meola Road, along the tramline to St Lukes, down the Northwestern cycleway to Newton, over the Upper Queen Street bridge and down Grafton Gully Cycleway to Parnell Road.

“I have a young family and my wife loves that when I say I’ll be home at 5.30pm I’m home at 5.30pm – not sitting in traffic.”

“I ride in my work clothes with my laptop in a satchel on the back of my bike. The cycleways in Auckland are fabulous. The electric bike is great; you don’t get sweaty or need to shower and change at the office. Smart casual chinos, shirt and jacket, and I’m ready to ride.”

E-bike numbers increasing

Chris says when he first started cycling eight months ago he saw one or two other electric bikes each week now it’s at least three a day.

Electric Bikes Auckland, one of New Zealand’s biggest E-bike retailers, has seen a 35 per cent annual increase in sales.

Free E-bike courses

Auckland Transport is running a free E-bike course on Saturday 16 April in Newmarket and another on Saturday 30 April in the city centre. The first course is for people who would like to try an E-bike for the first time, and the city centre course is for people who want to improve their E-bike riding skills in the city environment.

Kathryn King, Auckland Transport's Cycling and Walking manager, says the number of E-bikes in the city is a contributing factor in the growth in people cycling.

“Electric bikes are increasingly popular in Auckland. We’re running these courses so people can test out electric bikes and see if they’re right for them.”  

Find out more about the course and register


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