Local board support kick starts community projects

Publish Date : 26 Apr 2016
Local board support kick starts
Upper Harbour Local Board has provided Rosedale Pony Club funding for building maintenance and surface renewal of one riding arena.

Upper Harbour Local Board has demonstrated its support for local sports clubs, parks projects and community facilities by approving grants totalling $298,000.

“We’re really proud of our decisions and the benefits they will bring our community,” says local board chair Lisa Whyte.

"Over the last five years we have invested most of our funding into parks improvements. This year, after a change to the council’s community grants system and discontinuation of a sub-regional fund, we have focused on supporting groups that deliver amazing outcomes with little or no contribution from the council."

“In many cases, we are enabling projects to get going earlier that may otherwise have taken a long time and required prolonged fundraising.”

In this round of funding the board has supported four sports codes, five community groups and nine local board initiatives. These initiatives mostly involve improvements to local parks, reserves and playgrounds.

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