Shining a light on local history

Publish Date : 26 Apr 2016
Shining a light on local history.jpg
Orakei Local Board member Colin Davis at the searchlight emplacements on Tamaki Drive, which the local board is restoring.

Ōrākei Local Board is restoring three concrete searchlight emplacements on Tāmaki Drive, opposite the Tāmaki Yacht Club.

The emplacements were built in 1942 and 1943 as part of the defence system protecting Auckland during the Second World War.

Local board member and heritage portfolio holder Colin Davis says the project acknowledges Auckland’s military history, which includes the Bastion Point defences. “Most people probably have not realised what the concrete structures are,” he says. “One emplacement was completely hidden by vegetation.

This vegetation has now been removed.” Signage explaining the historical significance of the searchlights and the area is also being installed. “Another goal is to enhance the searchlight emplacements as a further point of interest for all residents and visitors to Tāmaki Drive,” says Colin Davis.

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