Unitary Plan recommendations soon to be released

A word from Penny Hulse

Last Updated : 27 Apr 2016

In just a couple of months, and after listening to hundreds of submitters and months of evidence, the Independent Hearings Panel recommendations on our planning blueprint, the Unitary Plan, will be released.

This is when the really important debate will start. I am sure the debate will be robust. It needs to be.

The Unitary Plan is the document that will determine how Auckland deals with the expected and extensive growth the city faces. We are currently growing by a city the size of Hamilton every four years!

The Unitary Plan is about careful, quality planning that provides for a range of housing options that Aucklanders are asking for and indeed are looking forward to.

I believe that if we stay focused on what is needed for the very best future for ALL Aucklanders, we will arrive at a sensible decision.


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