Auckland Transport to save money by being under one roof

Expected savings of $1m in first year

Publish Date : 17 May 2016

Auckland Transport (AT) is moving to the Vodafone Building at 20 Viaduct Harbour.

Auckland Transport Chief Financial Officer Richard Morris says this location will give AT a cost-effective solution for its accommodation requirements, with expected savings of close to a million dollars in the first year alone.

Reducing space and costs

Auckland Transport’s staff are currently spread across 19 buildings with multiple leases, some of which are about to expire.

Mr Morris says the Fanshawe Street building has 14,000 square metres of open plan floor space spread over six levels and that offers flexible and efficient work spaces.

“It is not expensive compared to a new building or other existing offices in or around the CBD. The building is 12 years old.

“We will be reducing our overall space requirements by around 2500 square metres, as well as making savings in areas such as cleaning, electricity, IT and maintenance.”

Mr Morris adds that leasing rather than purchasing space reduces the organisation’s financial risk.

Regional offices to remain

In addition to the CBD location, AT will have three smaller regional offices in the north, Manukau and Henderson.

This agreement, which is subject to further detail being agreed and documented in a lease, is expected to be completed by 31 May 2016.  

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