Dog registration colours to change

Publish Date : 28 May 2016
Dog registration colours to change

It’s dog registration time and your dog will need to be registered by 31 July to qualify for standard rates.

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Dog registration colours to change

If your family pet or working companion has an apricot or wheaten coat, you may be in for a surprise.

Auckland Council is coming into line with the National Dog Database (NDD) to recognise 11 national standard dog colours.

‘Red’ will now include ginger, copper, blenheim, liver, mahogany, rust, bronze, ruby, merle, auburn and chestnut.

What your dog registration fees pay for

Dog registration fees contribute to vital areas of animal management, which help keep Aucklanders safe from animal-related nuisance and harm.

Fees pay for:

  • a 24-hour service for dog incidents
  • beach and park patrols
  • animal shelters and adoptions
  • educating children about dog safety
  • responding to dog complaints
  • reuniting lost dogs with owners
  • dog safety initiatives like the Menacing Dogs Amnesty.
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