Get free eco-design advice to make your home warm and healthy

Last Updated : 01 Jun 2016
Free eco-design advice
Eco Design Advisor Eion Scott assesses the benefits of capturing sunlight to Kristina Cope’s house in Meadowbank. Photo: Simon Cope, Solar Energy House

Auckland Council’s eco design advisors offer free, in-home consultations on how to make your home healthier and more energy efficient.

This service is available to Auckland homeowners, landlords and tenants.

It provides independent, practical advice that can help you:

  • make your home healthier and more comfortable
  • save money on energy and water bills
  • take advantage of insulation and heating assistance programmes like Retrofit Your Home and Healthy Rentals
  • reduce your environmental impact with better building practices and eco-friendly building materials.

Our eco design advisors are all qualified Homestar assessors.

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Get more information on our website or call 0508 326 337.

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