Greeting a dog

Last Updated : 07 Jun 2016
Greeting a dog

What happens with your dog when a visitor comes to your house? A polite and controlled introduction means a happy interaction for everyone.

Auckland Council Animal Management Officers Dylan Walton and Michelle Bromley, and Lennox, demonstrate how to greet a dog and how to control a dog when visitors come.

“It’s your responsibility as a dog owner to introduce new visitors to your dog properly, so the dog knows they are not a threat,” says Dylan.

“Visitors need to be mindful too and approach with caution a dog they don’t know,” says Michelle.

“When approaching a dog you don’t know, walk calmly up to the dog and extend your hand in a downward-facing closed fist for the dog to sniff. Once he’s found out that you’re all right, you can give him a pat under the chest – not on the top of the head, which can seem threatening to a dog,” she says.

“If a dog you don’t know rushes at you, stand still with your arms close to your sides and don’t make eye contact with the dog.”

Menacing dogs including pit bulls must be leashed and muzzled when out in public in Auckland but are not required to be restrained within their own fenced property. However, Dylan recommends a leash during introductions because it allows for better control of the dog.

Menacing dogs amnesty

From now until 30 June Auckland Council is offering an amnesty on unregistered dogs classed as menacing under the Dog Control Act. The offer, which applies to pit bull type dogs, is an amnesty on fines, free registration for the coming whole year, de-sexing, microchipping and a muzzle – all for just $25.

“This offer is only on the table until 30 June 2016 and I urge owners to hurry up and register for the amnesty while they can,” says Animal Management Manager Geoff Keber.

“From 1 July, we will be out in the community actively looking for and seizing unregistered menacing dogs. Aucklanders have the right to be free of dog-related nuisance and harm and it is our mission to make this city a safer place.”

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