Growing healthy neighbourhoods

Publish Date : 24 Aug 2016
Growing healthy neighbourhoods
Eco-neighbourhoods are helping residents in Albert-Eden to reduce their ecological footprints.

Albert-Eden Local Board’s latest sustainability initiative has encouraged communities to form ‘econeighbourhoods’.

This is where groups of six or more neighbours choose at least two actions to reduce their ecological footprint.

Actions might include walking, cycling, using public transport or carpooling rather than driving, or growing organic food.

Ōwairaka Eco-neighbourhood

One successful group is the Ōwairaka Eco-neighbourhood. Members have planted trees on front lawns close to the footpath, and the fruit is shared with neighbours and children walking past.

Group coordinator Heather Carolan thanks the local board for ongoing funding of the eco-neighbourhood.

“There’s something very heartfelt and satisfying about communities and schools coming together in creative and sustainable ways to address what is lacking,” she says.

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To join an eco-neighbourhood or start your own, email Jennifer Kerr at or phone 09 957 0117.

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