New cycleway planned for westies

Publish Date : 02 Aug 2016
New cycleway planned for westies.jpg
Artist's drawing of Suffolk Reserve.

A new cycleway will cut travel time for people cycling into the city centre from west Auckland.

Auckland Transport (AT) wants your feedback on plans for the Ian McKinnon Drive Cycleway, which is a two-way, on-road cycleway and shared path through Suffolk Reserve.

The cycleway will significantly improve the connection for people cycling into the city from the Northwestern Cycleway and Dominion Road, says Auckland Transport's Cycling and Walking manager Kathryn King.

"Currently people cycling from the Northwestern Cycleway have to go up to Newton Road and either cross the road at the lights or do a loop around Piwakawaka Street. They end up on the south side of Ian McKinnon Drive so have to cross the road again if they are going to the city.

"This cycleway will extend the Northwestern Cycleway through Suffolk Reserve and will continue as a two-way cycleway on the city side of Ian McKinnon Drive. It will also be great for people cycling from Dominion Road who will be able to continue on Ian McKinnon Drive and then into the city via Lightpath, Grafton Gully or Queen Street."

New cycleway planned for westies (1).jpg
Map showing location of cycleway and cycle lanes.

Northwestern cycleway proving popular

The number of cycle journeys recorded on the Northwestern Cycleway went up almost 50 per cent in May 2016 compared with May 2015, and the number of people cycling into the city centre has doubled in three years.

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Have your say on the AT website. Feedback closes on Monday 29 August.

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