Plans for a predator-free Devonport

Publish Date : 27 Aug 2016
Plans for a predator-free Devonport

Auckland Council's biodiversity, local parks, biosecurity and maunga authority teams are working with the Department of Conservation, the navy and the community to eliminate predators on the Devonport Peninsula.

Predators like rats, mice and stoats kill up to 25 million native birds each year and are estimated to cost the economy more than $3 billion a year.

'A good place to start'

“Strategically, the Devonport Peninsula is a good place to start as it is isolated by water,” says Auckland Council Senior Biodiversity Advisor Craig Pratt.

“It is also home to significant native and threatened bird populations, in Shoal Bay, and is a point of entry to our beloved gulf islands."

“Controlling predators on the peninsula will help create a safe habitat and passage for native birds, like the korimako [bellbird], to return to the mainland.”

Get involved by contacting Devonport Community Coordinator Maria Teape at or 09 445 9533.

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