Auckland Council praises residents' support for recycling

Publish Date : 23 Sep 2016
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Following New Zealand’s largest recycling rollout, Auckland Council wants to say a big thank you to residents in Auckland’s north and west suburbs.

Ian Stupple, Auckland Council’s Waste Solutions General Manager, says the delivery of more than 210,000 new bins, changes in collection days and routes, and asking residents to adopt new recycling behaviours was a massive undertaking.

“We would like to acknowledge and thank residents for working with us to make this change to the new system successful."

“Experience from previous rollouts tells us that it normally takes three cycles for householders to adjust to a change in collection day and system," he says.

"We were delighted that the majority of residents had successfully transitioned by the second collection cycle.”

Benefits of the new recycling system

These include:

• a reduction in the number of trucks going down each street
• creation of 18 full-time jobs in South Auckland at the Visy Recycling Facility
• expected reduction in recycling contamination levels due to the introduction of bin inspectors.

Mr Stupple says overall the service is working well, however acknowledges that there were small pockets where residents had to wait for delivery of their bin – mainly in areas where there have been a large number of recently built properties and rural residents.

“As with any new service, especially one of this size, there have been teething problems.”

With more than 510,000 households across Auckland now using same recycling system, Mr Stupple says the region is in a great position to recycle right and reduce the amount of household waste sent to landfill.

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