Libraries love your feedback

Last Updated : 08 Nov 2016
Library Feedback

This week Auckland Libraries launched a new email feedback channel.

We love feedback

The “We Love Feedback” project has been running as a pilot since April 2016.

Customers have been giving their feedback back manually or online, by answering two quick questions.

The new email channel means that customers can give real-time feedback on their experience at any one of Auckland’s 55 community libraries.

Almost 16,000 emails sent

Since the campaign launched on Tuesday 6 September, almost 16,000 emails have been sent.

In the first 48 hours of the campaign, this resulted in almost 3000 library members giving feedback, an increase of 2256 per cent on the total number received the week before.

Good results so far

Feedback for the week so far is highly positive, with the insights giving library teams the opportunity to make changes or improvements that can range from the seemingly small (like improving lighting) to quite significant (such as influencing the future layout of a library).

Dealing with negative feedback

In situations where feedback might be negative, processes are being established that will enable customers to be responded to by library staff within 24 hours to discuss the feedback and better understand their experience.

The new campaign automatically emails any member who has used their card in a library in the past 24 hours, giving them a personalised URL link to give their feedback. Don’t worry though: emails will only be sent out on an eight-week cycle; this means if you visit several times in eight weeks you will only receive one email.

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