Albany Highway north upgrade completed early

Last Updated : 18 Oct 2016

Auckland Transport has upgraded 3.8km of Albany North Highway and the new $40 million road opened on 14 October - six months ahead of schedule.

Four lanes

The road has been widened to four lanes – two for general traffic and two T2 transit lanes for buses and vehicles carrying two or more people. Outside peak times, the transit lane will operate as a general traffic lane.

Walking and cycling paths 

Pedestrians and cyclists will welcome on and off road cycle facilities and a wider footpath in both directions. Segregated pedestrian footpaths and cycle paths have been constructed where practicable, with a shared path otherwise provided.

Safer for school children

Greg Edmonds, Auckland Transport Chief Infrastructure Officer says “These improvements will be of great benefit to the local community, and in particular the 5,000 children who go to the schools there.

“The upgrade improves safety significantly, encourages the use of public transport as well as cycling and walking alternatives”. 

Other features of the upgrade

  • roundabouts at the intersections with Rosedale, Bass and Wharf Roads have been replaced with traffic signals to improve traffic flow and provide safe pedestrian crossing points
  • new planted central medians have been put in to improve road safety and make the route more attractive
  • two new mid-block signalised pedestrian crossings have been installed
  • a new four-lane bridge over the Oteha Stream (Days Bridge) has been built
  • storm water treatment devices have been fitted to improve the quality of run-off into local streams
  • main utility services have been relocated and/or installed underground
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