A sneak peek behind the CRL hoardings

Publish Date : 04 Nov 2016
A sneak peek behind the CRL hoardings wide

If you’ve wondered what’s going on behind the colourful City Rail Link (CRL) hoardings at the corners of Victoria and Wellesley streets, here’s a peek.

About 20 workers at each site are preparing the way for tunnelling equipment that will jack a new stormwater pipe below Albert Street.

Safety is a priority

It’s a long way down behind the hoardings – some of the shafts are 18m deep – so keeping people safe is an important part of the job.

Fresh air is supplied to the bottom, and air-quality detection at the intake ensures that the shaft is not drawing in gases that would harm workers. Air quality at the bottom of the shafts is also monitored.

A sneak peek behind the CRL hoardings long

All workers are trained to work in confined spaces and they each carry equipment that provides them with 30 minutes air supply should an emergency arise.

The workers have harnesses that they hook to the ladders, which incorporate a full braking system and pop-out rest points.

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