Changes for Britomart Station users

Last Updated : 16 Jan 2017
Changes coming for Britomart Station users (3)
The new Britomart Station entrance is located directly behind the Chief Post Office building. 

From 17 January, downtown train users will find the Chief Post Office building closed and new entrances created for Britomart station.

The building will be closed for strengthening works before work starts on the City Rail Link (CRL) tunnels.

Changes coming for Britomart Station users (2)

To catch a train from downtown, you’ll need to use a new entrance in Commerce Street, behind Queen Street. Access will be available from Tyler Street, Galway Street and the eastern entrance of Takutai Square.

All trains and timetables will run as usual, and Britomart will remain operational throughout the construction work. The new temporary entrance will operate for the next three years.

The ticket and top-up machines, the ticket office and customer service centre have been moved to the new entrance.

The Queen Street entrances close after the last train on Monday 16 January, and the new entrance only will be available from the first train Tuesday 17 January.

Changes for escalators

The big escalators from the platform to the mezzanine level will be available but the smaller escalators from the mezzanine to ground level are closed. Two new sets of stairs are available between the mezzanine and ground level.

For anyone who can’t use the stairs, the lift access from ground level to platform level will continue to operate. The escalators at the Takutai Square end of the platforms remain.

Historical values preserved

The Chief Post Office building was opened in 1912 by the then-prime minister William Massey in front of a crowd of about 10,000 Aucklanders.

As a heritage building, all heritage values will be maintained during construction. Those involved in the construction are working closely with Heritage New Zealand.

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