Dealing with dust on country roads

Publish Date : 09 Nov 2016
Dealing with dust on country roads

Auckland Transport (AT) is trialling different ways of controlling dust on rural roads.

The trial will be run in the Rodney area, which has hundreds of kilometres of unsealed roads.

AT Group Manager Assets and Maintenance, Tony McCartney, says the trial will start in early December, once the weather settles.

"We want to see what works and what doesn't work, and of course we want to check out what method is the most cost effective.

"Dust is a problem on many roads, particularly in the north. We want to work with the local community to try to get on top of the issue."

He says some dust suppressants can be quite expensive and some treatments have a very short life. This trial will provide a basis for future planning.

The trial will be on Old Woodcocks Road at Kaipara Flats. Auckland Transport will try five different treatments, and a control site will also be set up.

Each treatment site will be 300m long and will be marked out on the road.

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