Governing Body votes against deep sea oil drilling

Publish Date : 11 Nov 2016

Auckland Council’s Governing Body has voted to oppose the proposed offering of petroleum exploration permit applications in the Northland-Reinga and Taranaki Basins, in its submission on the matter to the government.

In a lengthy debate on the economic merits and environmental effects of oil exploration, the Governing Body voted in favour of an amendment to oppose the offering and issuing of prospecting, exploration and drilling permits in 2017.

The Governing Body cited the potential effects on the Maui dolphin and its habitat, impacts on climate change and the negligible overall economic benefits for Auckland.

In the event of the government proceeding with the issuing of permits, it was requested that a number of mitigation measures be followed as outlined in paragraph 9 to paragraph 37 of the submission document (PDF).

Auckland Council will also seek the Government’s assurance that, in the event of an oil spill, full emergency response systems are in place and that the polluter responsible will bear the entire financial liability for the incident, including any and all costs associated with environmental mitigation.

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