Temporary regulations for the Navy’s 75th anniversary

Last Updated : 14 Nov 2016
Naval vessels to converge on Auckland

Temporary regulations for the Waitemata Harbour will be in place during the Royal New Zealand Navy’s 75th anniversary celebrations.

The rules are to keep recreational boaties out of the way of the naval vessels, ensuring there are no collisions or security issues.


Between 10 and 22 November boaties will have to stay at least 100 metres away from the sides and rear of naval vessels and at least 500m from the front when they are moving. They must stay 60m away when they are anchored.

Boats will also not be allowed within 200m of the Devonport Naval Base.

During this time boats are not allowed within 60m of the downtown wharfs, including Wynyard Wharf, Queens Wharf and the Downtown Ferry Terminal Basin between Princes Wharf and Queens Wharf.

Ensuring the safety of boaties and the Navy

Auckland’s Harbourmaster Andrew Hayton says these new rules are to ensure the safety of boaties and the Navy.

“During the Navy’s 75th Anniversary, the harbour will be unusually busy. Some of the warships will be going to Devonport’s Naval Base and the remainder will be tying up at the Ports of Auckland’s commercial wharves.”

International Naval Review - 19 November

On Saturday 19 November, the International Naval Review will be held in the Waitemata Harbour; eight naval vessels from New Zealand and around the world will line up in formation in the harbour. There will be a reserved area around these vessels and a traffic management plan in force.

Captain Hayton says, “This is one of the biggest, most exciting events that’s happened on Auckland’s harbour. We’re encouraging everyone to get out on the water, just make sure you know the rules.”

During this event Police, Navy and Harbourmaster boats will be operating in the area to make sure the rules are being followed and everyone remains safe.

As a result of the celebrations, there may be delays to Auckland’s ferry services during the main part of the event which runs between 17 and 22 November. Customers are advised to allow plenty of time for their journeys over this period.

Get more information on the rules at Auckland Transport

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