Make sure your rubbish won't hurt anyone

Publish Date : 01 Nov 2016

In the last two years, more than 80 rubbish collectors have been seriously injured by dangerous items in people’s rubbish.

Broken plates and windows, bamboo and metal skewers, kitchen knives, gardening equipment – even a cactus – have injured collectors, who have been cut as they pick up the bags for disposal.

To help reduce the number of accidents and keep rubbish collectors safe, Auckland Council and EnviroNZ are running a campaign to ensure dangerous rubbish is disposed of safely.

Wrap it before you trash it

The campaign is called ‘Wrap before you trash’. It aims to encourage Aucklanders to make sure sharp objects like broken glass or plates, knives and skewers are wrapped safely before being put in the rubbish. It focuses on Manukau, where black plastic bin liners are used, as these can easily be ripped by sharp objects, causing harm to rubbish collectors.

Ian Stupple, Auckland Council’s General Manager Waste Solutions, says that health and safety is a priority for the council.

“Residents often don’t think about what happens when their rubbish is collected – it’s very much ‘throw and forget,’ he says. “But the reality is it’s people like them who are getting injured: fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts and siblings.”

How to keep rubbish safe

If you’re throwing out anything sharp or dangerous, remember: wrap it before you trash it. Make sure the item is wrapped well enough that it won’t pierce the bag and cause an injury.

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