Howick Local Board by-election

Boundary information for the Botany subdivision

Publish Date : 06 Dec 2016
botany subdivision

Interested in standing or nominating a candidate to contest the Howick Local Board Botany subdivision by-election but not sure where the boundaries are?

Check out the Botany subdivision map on the Auckland Council website or at a local library or service centre as listed below:

  • Botany Library: Level 1 Sunset Terrace, Botany Town Centre
  • Tupu Youth Library: 102 Dawson Road, Ōtara
  • Manukau Service Centre:4 Osterley Way, Kotuku House, Manukau

It’s important you do know the boundaries as every candidate nomination has to be supported by two electors who are enrolled in the Botany subdivision.

The Botany subdivision does not include the suburb of Botany Downs. It does encompass Flat Bush, East Tāmaki, East Tāmaki Heights and Ormiston and is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country in terms of development and population.

Nominations for candidates are open until noon on 22 December.

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