Ancient places and new plans

Last Updated : 06 Dec 2016
Maori Heritage
Te Reuroa (Albert Park), a former pa site and Ngati Paoa site of significance

Many Aucklanders pass places of rich cultural significance to Māori every day without realising it.

Te Whatu was a waka mooring site at the present-day intersection of Shortland and Queen streets.

Te Toangaroa is the place a bloody battle was fought at what is now Parnell Rise, and Te Reuroa – a former pā site – is known to Aucklanders today as Albert Park.

Auckland Council’s Heritage Unit and iwi Ngāti Pāoa are delighted in the addition of 14 heritage sites to the Auckland Unitary Plan under Schedule 12.

They are now afforded recognition and protection as places that mana whenua of Tāmaki Makarau regard as culturally and historically significant.

75 Sites of Significance

Ngāti Pāoa’s successful additions mean that there are now 75 Sites and Places of Significance to Mana Whenua protected under the schedule.

This is a small number in comparison to other schedules that recognise, protect and seek enhancement of our natural resources and historic heritage places.

The council is seeking to rectify this through the Māori Cultural Heritage Project Team and mana whenua of the region, who are working together to identify additional sites for recognition, protection and enhancement.

Long-term project

The Māori Cultural Heritage Project is a long-term undertaking that will improve our understanding and appreciation of Tāmaki Makaurau’s unique heritage and combines GIS technology with Māori cultural values in an innovative approach to planning.

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