One-year milestone for City Rail Link works

Publish Date : 13 Dec 2016
One-year milestone for CRL works
Workers behind the CRL hoardings prepare the way for tunnelling equipment, which will lay a new stormwater pipe below Albert Street.

One year on, Auckland’s City Rail Link (CRL) construction is on target.

Project director Chris Meale thanked Aucklanders for their patience in dealing with the massive construction work going on in the inner city, including the CRL work.

“While traffic delays in downtown Auckland are below predicted levels as people take more public transport and change their travel patterns, we appreciate that such work does cause inconvenience and frustrations.”

Mr Meale says impressive statistics are being achieved for New Zealand’s biggest infrastructure project.

“The successes to date are a credit to everyone involved and it means Auckland can soon look forward to the transformation the City Rail Link will bring.”

City Rail Link works so far

  • All contractors have completed a combined total of 273,000 hours of work. This equates to one person working 136 years.
  • All four shafts required to move deep stormwater pipes in Albert Street have been excavated. Tunnelling is underway and has advanced 60m from Victoria Street to Swanson Street. At this rate, the 300m drive to Swanson Street will be completed by Christmas.
  • The contract requires 360 piles to be constructed and 125 jet grout columns. So far 100 piles and 100 jet grout columns have been constructed. This is ahead of schedule.
  • The temporary entrance from Commerce Street for the Britomart Transport Centre is on target to open by 16 January, when the Queen Street entrances close.
  • AT contractors have achieved full environmental compliance at every audit. Two isolated incidents of uncontrolled run off were dealt with quickly.

More people coming to CBD on public transport

More than 90,000 people work in the city centre daily.

Auckland Transport data over the past 12 months shows that more people are travelling into the city; however, fewer people are bringing their cars, and more Aucklanders are using public transport and cycling.


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