Council takes back control of Motukorea/Browns Island

Last Updated : 31 Jan 2017
Auckland Council takes back control of Motukorea/Browns Island

Auckland Council is taking back the administration and management of Motukorea/Browns Island from the Department of Conservation (DOC) after agreement with the government.

Environment and Community Committee Chair Cr Penny Hulse says the move is important for Auckland.

“The 60 hectare island is one of the least modified and best preserved volcanic cones in the Auckland area and the nearest island in the Hauraki Gulf to the Auckland isthmus,” she says.

“DOC has managed the island for the past 26 years and I want to acknowledge the great work DOC staff have done to protect the island.

“The new agreement means the council can restore its administering body powers allowing Auckland to determine the future vision and management direction of the island.”

A gift to the city

Ngati Tamaterā sold the island to Sir John Logan Campbell and business partner William Brown in 1840, and it effectively stayed in private hands until 1955 when it was gifted to Auckland City by business leader Sir Ernest Davis.

Auckland City transferred administration and management of Motukorea/Browns Island to the Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park Board when the government created the board in 1968. Management passed to DOC in 1990, when the board was abolished.

It is intended that the island remain in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park and that there will be integrated management with other reserves and islands within the inner Hauraki Gulf to protect and enhance the values associated with the island. 

Plans for the future

Waitematā and Gulf Ward Councillor Mike Lee believes the island is best run by the Council, but suggests one step further is taken.

“Motukorea/Browns Island should be our next regional park,” he says.

Councillor Chris Fletcher is a long-time advocate for the Hauraki Gulf.

“Motukorea is important to New Zealand’s history and environment. Our challenge now is to protect this beautiful island for future generations in partnership with mana whenua, the public and our partners.”

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