Devonport Library's cat passes away

Benjamin will be greatly missed

Publish Date : 31 Jan 2017
Benjamin 1

Benjamin, Devonport Library’s beloved cat, passed away on Friday, age 17.

The tabby was resident at the library for over a decade. As well as assisting customers with book selection, he could often be found napping between the shelves or assisting with admin in the office.

Benjamin 2

Sue Parr, Devonport Library’s manager, says Benjamin will be greatly missed by the library and the wider Devonport community.

“If he wasn’t at the library, he could often be found visiting the local chemist, the bank or one of the many cafes.”

Benjamin 3

Benjamin made himself at home at the Devonport Library over 10 years ago, when he moved into the previous library building.

He oversaw the construction of the new library, and ensured his own cat door was installed for his ease of access.

“The community have always been very generous in assisting with his vet care and food costs, and we will all miss him dearly.”

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