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Publish Date : 24 Feb 2017

In response to recent dog-related issues reported at Takapuna Beach, Devonport-Takapuna Local Board wanted to remind people about the rules in place at our beaches and encourage consideration for other beach users.

Local board chair Grant Gillon says, “Takapuna is one Auckland’s most popular and busy beaches. It draws people of all ages from across the city, including dog owners looking for a fun place to exercise and socialise their pets."

“As a result, on a sunny day, Takapuna Beach can be extremely busy, with various social and recreational activities taking place."

“We urge beach users, including dog owners and those not fond of dogs, to familiarise themselves with our summer dog-access hours.

“I ask dog owners to be mindful of other beach users, especially the young and elderly who can be frightened and intimidated by off‑leash dogs.

“Those who do not like or feel comfortable around dogs may also want to avoid the beach during dog-access hours or consider using another beach where dogs are prohibited at all times."

“Our dog-access bylaws are intended to provide a fun shared space where all beachgoers feel safe, and dog owners have a fair crack, but they must comply with access hours, and maintain control over their dogs at all times, whether on leash or off leash.”

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Report an issue

If you see rules not being observed, or have a serious public safety concern, please phone the Auckland Council contact centre on 09 301 0101 to report the issue.

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