Councillors champion new bin service for Manukau

Last Updated : 03 Apr 2017
Councillors champion bin to bag
Spreading the word.  Waste solutions team leader James Young, Manukau ward councillors Fa’anānā Efeso Collins and Alf Filipaina and waste solutions enforcement officer Stuart Airs push the bag to bin message. 

UPDATE: Registrations for bigger bins have now closed.

Manukau Ward Councillors Alf Filipaina and Fa’anānā Efeso Collins are encouraging residents to embrace rather than fear the move from rubbish bags to bins. 

The pair says it is an opportunity to change the way we think about rubbish. 

“I know many of our families are worried that the bins won’t be big enough for all their rubbish but they still take the equivalent of three 60 litre rubbish bags, which is quite a lot,” says Cr Filipaina. 

Property owners have until 31 March to tell the council whether they require the larger 240 litre bins instead of the standard 120 litre that will be allocated to each property.

However those who opt for the bigger bin will incur an additional annual charge of around $55* on their rates bill. 

The bins will be delivered to residents between June and July and the new service will start in September. 

Safety benefits of new bins 

Cr Filipaina adds that there are also important safety benefits from moving to bins from less mess on the street because animals cannot tear the bags, to reducing the risk of injury of rubbish collectors. 

In the last three years more than 80 Auckland rubbish collectors have been injured on the job due to dangerous items thrown away by residents in rubbish bags. 

Cr Collins is encouraging people to look at ways they can reduce their waste ahead of the new service so it can fit in to the standard bin. 

“There are a lot of simple things we could all do to reduce what is ending up in the rubbish, like composting more or washing and reusing plastic utensils and plates from gatherings instead of throwing them out.”

Learn how to reduce waste 

Auckland Council has an aspirational goal of being zero waste by 2040, turning its waste into resources rather than sending them to landfill.

We have lots of great advice about ways to reduce waste and on the red bin rollout for Howick and Manukau residents at  

We also run free composting workshops across the region and soft plastics can be recycled at supermarkets.

Bag to bin: seven things you need to know

  1. The rubbish bin replaces rubbish bags.
  2. Each household will be supplied with a standard rubbish bin for rubbish (120 litre). This holds enough rubbish for a weekly collection for the majority of Auckland households.
  3. There will be no changes to current rubbish collection days.
  4. This service is rates funded and residents will pay no additional charges for the standard 120 litre bin.
  5. Bins will be delivered in June and July 2017, but won’t be used until the new service starts in September 2017.
  6. Collection services using the new rubbish bin will begin on 4 September 2017. Once this new service begins only rubbish in the bin will be collected.
  7. There is a larger bin option available on request:
  • It will incur an additional annual charge of approx $55 per year*. 
  • Approval of a larger bin must be received from the property landlord/owneras the charge will go on their rates bill.
  • To request a larger bin please register your details here before 31 March 2017

* subject to Annual Budget decision


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