Save on your dog registration

Publish Date : 07 Mar 2017
Save on your dog registration

For dog owners, annual dog registration fees roll around every July, but did you know can reduce your dog registration costs by gaining a Responsible Dog Owner Licence?

Dog owners can save money by ensuring their dog is de-sexed – plus we recognise and reward caring dog owners by charging lower dog registration fees if you hold a Responsible Dog Owner Licence (RDOL).

To qualify for a responsible dog owner licence:

  • You will need to pass the written test of your dog ownership knowledge
  • You will have been a registered dog owner in New Zealand for 12 months or more before applying
  • You need to continue to register your dog on time
  • For the previous 12 months, you haven't had any substantiated abatements, seizures or infringements and your dog has not been the subject of a substantiated complaint or impoundment.

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