Dogs welcome on many Auckland beaches

Last Updated : 05 Oct 2018
Dogs welcome on beaches

For most dogs, getting to run around in the sand, dip into the waves and chase a Frisbee in the fresh salt air is the best day ever.

However, living in Auckland means dogs need to learn how to share their favourite place with others of both the canine and human variety, says Auckland Council Animal Management Manager Sarah Anderson.

“Dog owners need to respect other beach users, particularly in summer when these shared favourite space are busiest,” she says.

“Dogs are welcome on many Auckland beaches. Owners should check the council website and read the signs at each local beach to make sure they’re following the rules.”

Many Auckland beaches have restricted dog access with hours that change seasonally. Find out when the access hours are.

The council also has guidelines in place for controlling your dog.

Dogs on beaches (1)
Owners should read the signs at each beach to make sure they’re following the rules.
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