Surf’s up for dogs

Last Updated : 28 Nov 2017
dogs on beach

Forget donning the gumboots for a dog walk, we’re just around the corner from being able to slip on some jandals and head to the beach to soak up the sun, sand and sea.

Most Auckland beaches have restricted dog access with hours that change seasonally. So, with summer fast approaching, now is the time to check when the access hours are at your favourite beach.

Knowing these rules and practicing some simple dog etiquette will help ensure all Aucklanders – and our visitors – can enjoy our beautiful beaches.

Beach manners for dogs (and owners)

  1. Pick up the poo! You could be fined $300 if you don't. 
  2. Respect fellow beach users. Not everyone likes dogs – in fact some people are downright terrified of them and may react badly if approached by a boisterous hound.
  3. Keep dogs clear of wildlife - at dusk and dawn some beaches provide rest and refuge for penguins or seals, and there are several species of birds that nest in sand dunes.
  4. Dogs need to be under control at all times so keep an eye on them – dogs can get into trouble when their owner is distracted and not all dogs like each other – do not let your dog run up to another dog that is on leash .
  5. Females in season and unvaccinated young puppies shouldn’t be taken out in public. .

You can read more about being a responsible dog owner on the Auckland Council website

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