Mount Albert town centre upgrade begins

Publish Date : 20 Apr 2017

This week work has started on the Mt Albert town centre upgrade with the aim of making the central Auckland suburb a more attractive destination for people to shop or spend time.

This follows public feedback from 1500 people and the aim is to enhance the unique character of one of Auckland's oldest suburbs.

The project includes more trees, gardens, wider footpaths, better lighting, new street furniture, drinking fountains and cycle lanes.

Making a genuine difference

Board chair Peter Haynes says the upgrade will make a genuine difference to the community.

"Mount Albert is long overdue for an upgrade, this will help revitalise the area and benefit residents and the wider community. We're all really excited that construction is about to start."

Planning the upgrade

In December 2016, Auckland Transport invited feedback on four proposed options for the intersection of New North Rd, Carrington Road and Mount Albert Road.

The public consultation has been invaluable in shaping the final design says Randhir Karma, AT Group Manager Network Management and Safety.

Mount Albert.jpg
An artist's impression of the area once upgrades are complete.

"A number of factors had to be considered before progressing with a final decision. These included traffic flow through the town centre, any traffic impacts on surrounding local roads and of course, making Mt Albert town centre a great place to walk or cycle."

The plan retains the right hand turn into Mount Albert Road from New North Road and includes full-length cycle lanes.

Monitoring impacts

Mr Karma says the traffic impacts will be carefully monitored during and after construction. He says further work may be needed such as changes to traffic signal phasing for different times of the day, additional signage or re-routing traffic not heading to the town centre.

Construction of the Mount Albert town centre upgrade is expected to be completed by February 2018.

Auckland Transport will deliver the upgrade for Auckland Council and the Albert-Eden Local Board.

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