Water situation improved but savings still needed

Publish Date : 17 Mar 2017
Water treatment silt
Watercare's Hayden Jackson inspects silt at the Ardmore treatment plant.

Watercare has announced that water production at the Ardmore Water Treatment Plant has now stabilised – however the call for Aucklanders to save 20 litres of water each a day is still in place.

The company’s production capacity has moved from a highly fragile to a stable and sustainable position since last week’s ‘Tasman Tempest’ hit the region.

Savings still needed

However, the plant will not be fully recovered for some weeks yet, so Watercare is asking Aucklanders to keep saving 20 litres a day, says Raveen Jaduram, Watercare chief executive.

“While we have increased capacity, we are still producing significantly less water than normal. And we are still dealing with the effects of an 'off the charts' rainfall event.

“So the need for everyone to reduce their water use by 20 litres of water per day is still as important as ever.”

Watercare Hunua dam before and after
Hunua dam before the extreme weather (left) and after.

Easy ways to save

There are some simple ways we can reduce our water use every day, such as shorter showers, says Mr Jaduram.

“We want it to remain front of mind – that short shower is helping big-time.”

If demand starts to outstrip supply, there is a chance mandatory savings could be put in place to prevent a boil water notice from being issued.

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