CRL will unlock 'fantastic' job opportunities

Last Updated : 11 Apr 2017
CRL will unlock 'fantastic' job opportunities
Auckland Transport construction safety adviser Marie Fleming at work on the CRL project.

Up to 1600 people will be needed to build Auckland’s City Rail Link (CRL) during the project’s peak period of operation.

Jobs available for Aucklanders

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says this is good news for Aucklanders looking for employment and training.

“Construction on the CRL is ramping up with the first two contracts and the release of more tenders for the future work,” he says.

“We’re going to need a wide range of skills and that means fantastic job opportunities opening up.”

“The City Rail Link will provide opportunities for people to find jobs, get trained and develop their careers.”

The CRL will need about 600 general construction workers during peak construction, as well as workers with more specialised skills. There will be opportunities for new entrants to the workforce and for more experienced staff.

Internships, cadetships and apprenticeships sought

Project Director Chris Meale says: “We’re looking for contractors to provide internships, cadetships, apprenticeships or equivalent pathways to learning as well as upskilling and reskilling to equip people for the present and future.”

“The project is a long-term employment offering, with the CRL not due to be completed until 2023, giving time for people to develop and progress in their careers."

Equity and inclusion important to CRL construction

“This opens up opportunities for employment, training and social innovation especially for mana whenua, Māori, Pasifika and young people aged 15 to 24 years. CRL is committed to promoting a culture of equity, inclusion and diversity with a social outcomes strategy that also targets others facing barriers in the labour market.”

“We also want to encourage socially innovative businesses. Such businesses want to make a profit but their point of difference is that they generate social benefits beyond the products and services they deliver.”

Southern Initiative pleased opportunities opening up

The Southern Initiative Social Intrapreneur Tania Pouwhare is pleased the Auckland Council family is using its size and purchasing power to mobilise and engage others in the vision for a better Auckland and multiplying the effect of public funds to do public good.

“Today’s announcement gives much needed support and hope to those most in need and is particularly good for Mana Whenua, Maori, Pasifika, young people looking for work and a career pathway and women keen to get into the construction industry,” she says.

“This build is our biggest opportunity yet to get South Aucklanders into quality and sustainable careers, making a real difference to the lives of whānau.”

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