Road marking changes for Greenlane roundabout

Publish Date : 07 Apr 2017

Changes to one of Auckland's busiest motorway interchanges, Greenlane roundabout, are expected to make it safer and easier for motorists to use.

New road markings on the Greenlane roundabout will take effect from Monday 10 April.


Improving traffic flow

"These changes are designed to improve traffic flow to make it easier for motorists crossing between Greenlane East and Greenlane West, as well as improve access for motorists wanting to get on and off the Southern Motorway," says Brett Gliddon the Transport Agency's Auckland Highway Manager.

Yellow boxes will be painted on the road at exit points to encourage motorists not to stop within these zones. This will leave space to allow drivers to enter and exit the roundabout without being obstructed by traffic that is sitting within the roundabout.

Easier to head south

A new dedicated lane is also being added on the approach to the southbound motorway on-ramp to make it easier for vehicles to access State Highway heading south.

Signs will be positioned on the approaches to the roundabout to advise drivers of the new road layout as well as explain the lane directions.

Motorists are urged to take extra care while they get used to the new layout.

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