TXT2DESEX keeping the Kelston community safe

Last Updated : 05 Jul 2017
TXT2DESEX kicks in at Kelston

Auckland Council’s Animal Management team and the NZ Police recently collaborated to try and reduce dog attacks in the Kelston community.

In response to a number of dog nuisance complaints in the area, Animal Management staff visited 100 households with the support of the police. These visits resulted in payments for on-the-spot dog registrations and the seizure of a number of non-compliant dogs.

Owners of dogs classified as 'menacing' under the Dog Control Act 1996 were offered the TXT2DESEX free desexing service.

Keeping the community safe

“We want Auckland to be a safe place where dogs enrich our lives, and all Aucklanders have the right to be free of dog-related harm and nuisance,” says Councillor Linda Cooper, Chair of Auckland Council’s Regulatory Committee.

“Operations like this directly respond to community concerns about safety around dogs and we are pleased to partner with the NZ Police to carry them out smoothly. I would particularly like to thank the Kelston community for their warm and friendly reception, which helped our animal management officers carry out a difficult job,” she says.

Waitakere Police Senior Sergeant Richard Thompson says New Lynn community police officers assisted Animal Control officers with the operation.

“This was a great opportunity for local officers to enhance community safety by working alongside Auckland Council and assisting with enforcement of the Dog Control Act and educating owners on their responsibility,” he says.

“Dogs roaming freely on the street can have a negative effect on a community’s feeling of safety, particularly for parents who worry for their children playing outside.”


The TXT2DESEX campaign is funded as part of a central government national strategy to reduce the risk and harm of dog attacks.

Owners of menacing dogs can free-text “YES” TO 3169 to find out more, or free-phone 0800 462 685. 

The service is not means-tested.

More information about dog ownership is available on the Auckland Council website.

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