Help keep our beautiful waters healthy

Publish Date : 01 Jul 2017
Help keep our beautiful waters healthy
Auckland Council elected members with Aotea Sea Scouts on the Onehunga foreshore of Manukau Harbour.

Auckland’s stormwater network includes 6500km of pipeline, 146,000 manholes and 6000 catch-pits.

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board is working closely with businesses to reduce the amount of contaminated water flowing into the Tāmaki River and Manukau Harbour.

“Together, we’re making great progress to increase the long-term health of our rivers and estuaries,” says local board chair Josephine Bartley.

“We want to remind everyone that what they do around their own households can also make a lot of difference. We really want to have the healthiest water we can.”

How to help keep our water healthy

Remember: everything that goes into our drains eventually ends up in our estuaries and the sea.

  • Keep gutters and drains clear of leaves and debris to prevent flooding.
  • Remember that chemicals like fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides and cleaning products should be kept away from waterways and drains.
  • Compost food waste where possible.
  • Grease and fats can solidify in pipes, so collect this waste in a plastic bag and throw it in the bin.

“These may seem like small things,” says Josephine Bartley. “But if you multiply all of these small actions by all the people using our stormwater and drainage systems it all adds up and can make a huge difference. We can all do our part.” Visit environment to find out more about how you can help keep Auckland’s water healthy.

Find out more about how you can help keep Auckland’s water healthy

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