CRL milestone: First foundations laid for twin tunnels

Publish Date : 26 Jul 2017
CRL milestone as concrete poured.jpg

The first two concrete base slabs for the City Rail Link (CRL) twin tunnels have been laid on Lower Queen Street.

The 700mm-thick concrete slabs are the first eight metres of CRL tunnel box floor to be poured out of the total 3.45km length of tunnel to be constructed.

Located under the Lower Queen Street walkway, adjacent to the Zurich building, these tunnel stubs will eventually connect to sections of tunnel from Britomart Station and Albert Street.

The slabs are protected by a high-tech water-proofing system to keep saltwater out, as they’re sitting about 13 metres below sea level.

In about a week, construction will start on the walls for this short section of tunnel. When a roof is eventually placed over the top in few month’s time, the result will be the first completed section of tunnel box for the project.

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