Watch out for Chinese knotweed

Publish Date : 25 Jul 2017
Watch out for Chinese knotweed

Chinese knotweed (Persicaria chinensis) is a fast-growing vine that smothers all available surfaces, including plants and trees.

Auckland Council is working with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to eradicate the weed, and needs to know if you’ve seen it.

“It’s vital that people do not control Chinese knotweed themselves as this may cause it to spread,” says Rowena Gilchrist, Auckland Council’s Biosecurity Advisor Plants.

“Instead, call the council and we will arrange control at no cost.”

Chinese knotweed has pinkish stems; soft, serrated leaves (4cm to 16cm long) with a conspicuous, pale, V-shaped blotch; and clustered cream or pink flowers. When not climbing over other plants or structures, it grows up to 1m tall.

Unwanted organism

Chinese knotweed is listed as an Unwanted Organism by MPI and is banned from sale, distribution and propagation.

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Report suspected sightings to Auckland Council biosecurity by emailing (include a photo if possible) or calling 09 301 0101.

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