Auckland to host APEC

Last Updated : 23 Aug 2017

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has welcomed confirmation that Auckland will host APEC 2021 Leaders’ Week, 8 – 14 November.

“2021 will be an outstanding year for Auckland, hosting both APEC and the America’s Cup Challenge,” said Auckland Mayor Phil Goff.

“These two major events will turn the eyes of the world on Auckland and New Zealand.

“Each event presents a unique opportunity to showcase to the world our city and country as being smart, beautiful and well-functioning.

“APEC is huge with 22,000 international attendees and 12 significant events.

“Leaders’ Week will see the leaders of 21 countries and economies converge on Auckland including the rare presence in New Zealand of the Presidents of the US, Russia, and China, and the Prime Minister of Japan.

“We last hosted APEC in 1999 but this time it will be much bigger. We will be looking to work with central government to bring forward to the extent possible any infrastructure projects that will help Auckland deal effectively with APEC and the America’s Cup,” Phil Goff said.

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