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Mayor 23 Feb 2024

Hope in battle against exotic caulerpa following Govt’s $5 m injection

The government has announced a $5 million injection of funding to go towards the fight against exotic caulerpa.

Mayor 21 Feb 2024

Mayor Wayne Brown acknowledges the passing of Efeso Collins

It’s a sad day for Auckland. He was a good man; my heart goes out to his family.

Mayor 20 Feb 2024

Auckland Council adopts consultation document for Long-term Plan

Tuesday 20 February, the consultation document for Auckland Council’s Long-term Plan (10-year Budget) 2024-34 was adopted by the Budget Committee following lengthy and robust discussion.

Mayor 19 Feb 2024

Mayor meets to get rail back on track

Mayor Wayne Brown has hosted a productive and focused meeting about the recent rail issues in Auckland.

Mayor 14 Feb 2024

Auckland Mayor tells AT to stop work on RFT-funded projects

The Government’s decision to cancel the RFT on 1 July 2024 will have an impact on funding for Auckland Transport.

Mayor 8 Feb 2024

Mayor responds to cancellation of Regional Fuel Tax

Aucklanders will have to pay higher rates or miss out on major road and public transport improvements if the Government goes ahead with cancelling the Regional Fuel Tax (RFT) this year.

Mayor 31 Jan 2024

One year on from the floods

The Auckland Anniversary Floods and Cyclone Gabrielle caused damage across the region. “Almost one year on, the impact for our communities continues. As a city, we will still be recovering from this in years to come,” says Mayor Wayne Brown.

Mayor 31 Jan 2024

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown: Making the most of our harbours

Auckland Council covers the most densely populated area in New Zealand, but it is also the largest rural council and includes the Waiheke and Aotea Great Barrier Islands, so this summer my wife and I took our boat to visit these low-density outposts.

Mayor 3 Jan 2024

Mayor Wayne Brown: My one wish for 2024

When I reflect on the past few months, a particular moment stands out to me. When I discovered that I’d come into office and was faced with a $365 million hole in the budget, I was shocked, but it solidified my resolve to fix Auckland.

Mayor 11 Dec 2023

Mayor Wayne Brown encourages Aucklanders to support the fight against exotic caulerpa

Two species of exotic caulerpa seaweed have been found in Auckland. Mayor Wayne Brown encourages all Aucklanders, boaties and beachgoers to know the advice and what to do if they spot it.

Mayor 7 Dec 2023

Mayor's proposal passes the first hurdle

Mayor Wayne Brown’s full raft of recommendations to ‘strengthen the financial and physical resilience of the Auckland region’ will go to public consultation in late-February.

Council news 7 Dec 2023

City centre partners teaming up for safer streets

Announcing a new partnership between Auckland Council, NZ police and various organisations to provide a more visible safety presence in the city centre.

Mayor 5 Dec 2023

Mayoral proposal to build Auckland’s long-term financial and physical resilience

The mayoral poposal is the first formal step in the long process of developing Auckland Council’s 10-year budget, known as the Long-term Plan (LTP).

Mayor 1 Dec 2023

Majority of Aucklanders back Mayor's proposal to lease port

A Curia Market Research poll [i] commissioned by the Office of the Mayor of Auckland has found strong support for his proposal to consult on leasing the port operations. 

Mayor 30 Nov 2023

Mayor’s proposal to make public transport faster, more reliable, and easier to use

Mayor Wayne Brown is proposing that Aucklanders pay no more than $50 a week on public transport, including bus, rail, and inner harbour ferry services.

Mayor 29 Nov 2023

Mayor proposes Auckland Future Fund for financial and physical resilience

The Auckland Future Fund would make provision for climate change risks through self-insurance and help mitigate rates rises for Aucklanders.