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Council news 18 Jul 2024

Multi-million-dollar savings for ratepayers through new council-SAP contract

The new contract aligns with the council’s Long-term Plan priorities which includes improving how we engage with and support our customers.

Mayor 18 Jul 2024

AT confirms $50 weekly fare cap on public transport to start this Sunday

Fares on AT buses, trains, inner harbour ferries and AT Local will be capped at $50 over seven days.

Mayor 27 Jun 2024

Long-term Plan adopted by councillors secures 10-year direction for Auckland

Auckland Council’s Long-term Plan 2024-2034 has been adopted by the Governing Body - geared at sustainably managing regional growth and providing the greatest benefit to Auckland’s many communities.

Mayor 7 Jun 2024

Auckland Mayor pumps $60,000 into funding youth crime prevention

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown has invested $60,000 into a youth crime prevention community organisation.

Mayor 6 Jun 2024

Auckland Council sets out guiding principles for time of use charging

Time of use charging is one option Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are looking into to tackle congestion.

Council news 6 Jun 2024

Watercare Services Limited directors appointed

Auckland Council has appointed Andrew Clark and Frederik Cornu to the board of Watercare Services Limited.

Council news 5 Jun 2024

New council executive leadership team announced

Chief Executive Phil Wilson has announced his new leadership team, with changes to be in place by the end of June.

Mayor 30 May 2024

Mayor Wayne Brown: The Long-term Plan of Resilience

This LTP has been based on identifying the problems and looking at the solutions to fix Auckland.

Emergency Recovery 28 May 2024

Preparing Auckland for winter storms

Work to reduce flooding will be accelerated in at-risk neighbourhoods, with support from the Government

Mayor 28 May 2024

Watercare receives green light for funding for Point Erin Central Interceptor tunnel project extension

Thanks to the Local Water Done Well deal, funding has been confirmed to extend Watercare’s Central Interceptor wastewater tunnel by more than one kilometre from Grey Lynn to Point Erin.

Emergency Recovery 24 May 2024

Mayor and Deputy Mayor appeal to Government

Plea to extend the temporary accommodation services and products for storm-affected residents.

Mayor 24 May 2024

Accelerating Auckland’s storm-readiness for 2024

Auckland Council will be accelerating its storm readiness work across Auckland over the next few months to restore the network back to pre-storm levels and carry out emergency blockage clearance.

Mayor 16 May 2024

Governing Body passes mayoral proposal

The mayoral proposal has passed 20:1 by the Governing Body setting the Long-term Plan, council's ten-year vision for Auckland.

Mayor 14 May 2024

Mayor moves forward with Auckland Future Fund

At yesterday’s Budget Committee workshop, Mayor Wayne Brown unveiled a revised mayoral proposal for the Long-term Plan (10-year Budget) 2024-34.

Mayor 13 May 2024

Mayor Brown announces plan to save public transport from cuts

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown has announced that public transport will be a focus when councillors consider his final proposal for the council’s Long-term Plan (LTP) this week.