Emergency Recovery

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Emergency Recovery 29 Feb 2024

Maintaining our local streams

Who's responsible for ensuring water flows?

Emergency Recovery 28 Feb 2024

Step-by-step guide to a flood risk assessment

To help you understand what goes on during a flood risk assessment, we’ve broken the process down into the following nine steps.

Emergency Recovery 28 Feb 2024

AT update: Marine Parade (Mellons Bay), Ahuroa Road & Matakana Valley Road

An update on repairs to Marine Parade (Mellons Bay), Ahuroa Road and Matakana Valley Road.

Emergency Recovery 28 Feb 2024

Leading the way for volunteer emergency response

Auckland Emergency Management recently gave an award to a community organisation for recognising the outstanding work of volunteers who made a difference to the welfare and safety of more than 2000 people during severe flooding in 2023.

Emergency Recovery 26 Feb 2024

Explainer: Section 74 notices

What is a Section 74 notice and could it affect your property? Read our FAQs to find out.

Emergency Recovery 19 Feb 2024

New guide to help homeowners read geotechnical assessment reports

To help homeowners understand the report they receive.

Emergency Recovery 15 Feb 2024

Rānui event remembers flood victims and volunteers

Last week Ranui Baptist Community Care (RBCC) held an event to mark the one-year anniversary of the 2023 Auckland Anniversary weekend floods and acknowledge impacted locals and volunteers who worked tirelessly to support those in need.

Emergency Recovery 15 Feb 2024

Supporting Pukekohe communities through storm recovery outreach

Last week, Storm Recovery Navigators and Franklin Local Board member Logan Soole went door knocking across the Pukekohe community to speak to flood-affected residents and provide information about the navigator service.