New Libraries website launches

Publish Date : 29 Aug 2017
Improved Libraries website launches

The new Auckland Libraries website is now live, delivering an easy to use, mobile-first web experience that reflects the diversity of Auckland.

Mirla Edmundson, General Manager Libraries and Information, says that the new site signals a new milestone in customer service.

“The current website has up to 20,000 views a day, and it was really important for us to deliver an intuitive and accessible experience for our customers.

“This first stage makes it easy for customers to find the content that matters most to them, and future development will deliver options for more personalised experiences.”

Positive feedback from customers

The new site received positive feedback from Libraries customers during testing. They said:

  • “Very succinct instructions that are very easy to follow.”
  • “It’s very clean looking and it scrolls beautifully.”
  • “This works brilliantly for a mobile, which is where I tend to start.”

Ready for the future

“The new library website is a key achievement in the redevelopment of Auckland Council’s websites, and enables Libraries to deliver on aspirations set out in its Te Kauroa plan,” Mirla says.

“The new site also allows for ongoing development and continuous improvement, which will be driven by the needs of our customers.”

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