Tips for trapping rats

Publish Date : 26 Aug 2017
Tips for trapping rats

Rats may be small but they have a massive impact on our native fauna and flora.

There are two main types in the Auckland region: ship rats, which are excellent tree climbers and can wipe out an entire bird nest in one night, and Norway rats, mainly found around waterways.

“Many native birds can’t easily defend themselves against predators, and need our help to ensure their survival,” says Malcolm Harrison, Senior Biosecurity Advisor.

“You can help at home by having a trap in your garden that you check and re-set regularly. Winter is a great time to start. It’s really easy. They love food like peanut butter so you don’t need special bait. You just need to secure the trap in a station or cover so pets and kids can’t get into it.”

When emptying the traps, take care not to touch the rodents as they can carry disease. You can dispose of them in your household rubbish collection.

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