Auckland Council supports response to fuel shortage

Last Updated : 21 Sep 2017

Auckland Council and its council-controlled organisations are working closely with the government to assist in addressing issues associated with the pipeline rupture and resulting fuel challenges.

Areas the council group is involved in include resource consent and regulatory issues, transport and traffic management, access to Wynyard Wharf, fuel barging options, emergency management and lifeline utility coordination.

The supply of land transport fuels remains secure.

If the central government advises us to take greater savings measures we are prepared to do so.

These would apply to the council’s own operations and our responsibilities under Civil Defence legislation.

“We thank Aucklanders in advance for their understanding, and will work hard to minimise any disruption this issue may cause,” says Auckland Council Chief Operating Officer Dean Kimpton.

“It’s important for us all to be a little more patient during this time.”

Updates on pipeline repair

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Key facts

  • Petrol stations, truck stops and fuel storage: Auckland Council supports the delivery of petrol and diesel to petrol stations, truck stops and their associated fuel storage locations, by truck, at any time necessary.
  • Wynyard Wharf: we are working with Panuku Development Auckland and the industry’s technical experts to make sure storage tanks at Wynyard Wharf can be used for jet fuel, if they are needed. This involves us supporting the cleaning, recommissioning and certification of the tanks and making sure that any traffic management is in place. If this option is used, we will also work with the many residents, visitors and users of the Wynyard Quarter area to minimise disruption and ensure safety.
  • Our organisation: While Auckland Council conducts much of its business locally, we have followed the lead of government departments and other agencies to ask our own staff to consider their air travel plans over the next fortnight very carefully. This includes suggesting they postpone journeys and complete their meetings by phone or Skype.
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