Auckland Transport to address flooding along Tāmaki Drive

Publish Date : 06 Sep 2017

Auckland Transport plans to address flooding at low spots on Tāmaki Drive between Lilliput minigolf and Ngapipi Bridge.

The plans include raising the road by up to half a metre, adding a curve to the edge of the seawall to help deflect waves from breaking onto the footpath and installing stormwater valves that will reduce the inflow of seawater.

It is intended that these measures will be carried out in mid-2018 when the Tāmaki Drive Cycleway is constructed. This means that the design, resource consenting and construction of both projects can be done at the same time.

Auckland Transport to address flooding along Tamaki Drive MAP

Flooding typically occurs during king tides and major weather events and can partially close Tāmaki Drive in this area up to eight times a year.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says, “These measures will make Tāmaki Drive safer for all road users, improve congestion in the area and reduce the need for road closures following significant weather events.

“Auckland Council is focused on ensuring our city adapts to climate change. That means investing in our coastal areas to mitigate the impact of rising sea levels and flooding.”

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