CRL construction inside Britomart Station

Publish Date : 08 Sep 2017
Progress inside Britomart Station
CRL construction inside Britomart Station.
CRL construction inside Britomart Station (1)
The CPO floor that is being demolished (excavated then munched) down to the temporary platform level on the northern side.
CRL construction inside Britomart Station (2)
The stairs are being demolished between the CPO and B1.

A lot is happening at the Britomart Transport Centre as part of the City Rail Link (CRL) construction.

Over the past few months, contractor Downer Soletanche-Bachy has been carrying out the incredibly sensitive and technical task of demolishing the ground floor of the CPO building to allow the new 15 to 18-metre-deep diaphragm walls (or D-walls) to be constructed.

Once the piling rig Sandrine has completed her D-wall work inside the CPO in early 2018, the weight of the building will be transferred off its foundations and onto the D-walls. The CRL’s open cut and cover tunnel excavation can then begin.

The construction team has been working closely with Heritage New Zealand to ensure the heritage aspects of the building are not damaged. They will be restored once the CRL works are complete.

Photos and more information is available at the City Rail Link website

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