How to beat African clubmoss

Publish Date : 28 Sep 2017
How to beat African clubmoss
African clubmoss

African clubmoss is a serious pest that can spread quickly, smothering other plants and preventing the development of native seedlings.

It has small, shiny, green leaves that are 2mm to 4mm long and thickly bunched on short stems. It thrives in damp, shady sites and can form a dense groundcover that can easily take over large areas of your garden.

“Left unchecked it can spread to nearby bush and smother native seedlings,” says Rowena Gilchrist, pest plant advisor.

“You should control it as soon as you see it.”

African clubmoss reproduces via spores, but stem fragments take hold wherever they drop and can be spread by footwear, machinery and animals.

Small infestations should be raked out or hand-pulled, removing the top 2cm to 3cm of soil to avoid leaving spores behind. Larger infestations can be sprayed.

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