NZ steel industry reinforces CRL construction

Publish Date : 12 Sep 2017
NZ steel industry reinforces CRL construction
High-strength 50mm diameter reinforcing steel bars in production at Pacific Steel, Ōtāhuhu.

Steel reinforcing bars made in Auckland for the City Rail Link project are the first of their kind to be manufactured in New Zealand.

The steel bars will help hold up the historic Chief Post Office when the rail tunnels are constructed beneath it and keep water out of excavation carried out below sea level.

Difficult to source from overseas

Products like this are usually sourced from overseas, but this proved difficult for the CRL because offshore manufacturers could provide it only in quantities much greater than required.

CRL contractors Downer Soletanche Bachy liaised with New Zealand based suppliers over the possibility of manufacturing the bars locally, and Ōtāhuhu-based Pacific Steel took up the challenge.

Pacific Steel is New Zealand’s only reinforcing steel manufacturer. After successful trials, it has been engaged to make the bars, using local materials provided by New Zealand Steel in Glenbrook.

Project more efficient thanks to NZ industry

Project Director Chris Meale said that, thanks to Pacific Steel coming to the party, the project has become much more efficient.

"It's great that our contractor has been able to work with a local business for mutual benefit and that in doing so we have created a first for the local steel industry," he said.

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